Hey Yall! Thanks for stopping by! I am a 34 year old resident of Little Rock, AR and a native of Nashville, TN.  I have always had a deep passion for writing, music, and singing - even as young as the age of four years old. 

Singing has always been a big part of my life, and for many years I did just that, sing. It wasn't until my early twenties that my understanding of who God really is began to grow, and then so did my worship life. My love for singing and helping others articulate their love for God through song eventually evolved into words on a page, thus my writing journey began in 2015 as a blogger.

After my blogging journey began, I quickly realized that what God had me start then was meant to be so much more. In 2018, I authored my first book 40 Days of Faith, and it was a God-given dream finally realized. Along with writing, leading others into worship has and will always be a service of honor.

As for what and who brings my heart joy, I am loved by and a lover of Jesus Christ. I get to do life and ministry with my purpose partner, the one whom my soul loves, Billy Cordell Piggee. He serves as Worship Leader of Grace United- Little Rock where I serve along-side him as a worship leader. We also have the privilege of being the parents of two beautiful little girls, Eve Renee and Chloe Marie and our baby boys Caleb Cordell and Joshua Eli. And for day-to-day life, I serve as a registered nurse. 

 All in all, I'm just a simple girl who loves Jesus, her family, and people.