Relationship changes are HARD…

Relationship changes are HARD…

I am a person who likes routine, habits, and predictability in my life especially when it comes to schedules and people. It’s funny to me that I’m this way because spiritually, I love it when Holy Spirit shifts things in the spirit for OTHERS! 😂



I’m very well aware that my need for consistency/predictability is a trauma response and I have to give myself and others grace in this area.


Being this rigid really gets hard when you have friends and family members who are dealing with their own life transitions; job loss/gain, new marriage, new babies, and especially grief of every kind. While most of us understand that these types of life events will change the structure of our relationships, it doesn’t make it any easier to handle.


Lately, I have been working through processing this in so many areas of my life. My whole life has felt like one big transition after another. Can you relate?


  1. I kept having to ask Holy Spirit for His help because I also recognize that I have dealt with rejection for a long time and a season like this can be a definite foothold for the enemy to attempt to sow seeds in my heart. Here is what I am ACTIVELY DOING and I pray it will help you too.
  2. When the thought that my friends/family members are ”rejecting/abandoning” me come, I say out loud what the truth is. Speaking out loud disrupts the thought pattern so that it cannot continue. Say it as many times as you need to.
  3. I then pray for the friend/family member. The enemy would love to drive a wedge between you and whoever it is, the quickest way to stop this is to stand your ground as your persons intercessor. This is the season they need that the most.
  4. I give myself the space to grieve the changes. It doesn’t make me/you narcissistic to feel how we feel about the changes, it makes us human. We loved what was but now have to accept what IS (for now) and embrace the reality that these life changes may have shifted thing’s permanently.
  5. Lastly, I make space in my heart and mind for what is to come. Even though we don’t know what that will be, we can’t allow our hearts or minds to harden, preventing new life/routine to be established.


Change is hard, especially in relationships, but we need healthy relationships so that we can be healthy people. Don’t allow yourself or the enemy to sabotage a good thing. Invite Holy Spirit to help you, use these tools, and embrace the newness of life. ♥️



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