No Settling

Last night I had a dream that I was with a friend and there was one other person, a male that I don’t remember. We were getting hotel rooms at this place and we put the deposit down for the room and as he was taking us to our rooms we walked passed the pool and he said oh by the way the pool can’t be used right now. I stopped and said, “That won’t work, my kids need to be able to enjoy the pool.” He said I’m sorry it’s out of service, they’ll be fine. Again I said, “No that won’t work.”

I turned around and walked back towards the front of the hotel and told the man we wouldn’t be checking in and needed a refund. He quickly had a nasty attitude and didn’t understand what the big deal was. I waited for them to process the refund and went to another hotel.

I got there, asked if the pools were working and they happily said yes. I looked around and to my surprise, they not only had a pool but they also had a big whirlpool hot tub and a really nice play area with water springs, water falls, and a wading pool for kids. It was PERFECT! I happily checked in!

For a moment my mind thought about the fact that the deposit wouldn’t be put back for 2-3 days and that I was spending a lot of money just to be more comfortable but I quickly threw that thought away because I knew what I wanted and that we would be fine.

We finished checking in and walked through a huge food court area to get to the elevators, I looked up and I saw my grandmother. I haven’t seen her in years and quickly got emotional. I realized a lot of my other family was there for a trip that I didn’t know about. Granny hugged me real tight like she always does and asked me where her babies were. I sent someone to go ahead and get them out of the car.

My heart was so full because I knew that had I settled I wouldn’t have gotten more than what I expected, in reference to the pool area, but most importantly getting the unexpected joy of seeing my family and my kids getting to meet their great grandmother for the first time.

Here are my take aways:

- Hotels can represent transition or a temporary place. Don’t ever let anyone convince you to settle for staying in a place that you know is temporary and doesn’t serve you well. You’re deserving of what your heart desires.

-By choosing not to settle and moving on I was able to get to a place that had far more than I imagined. I’m worthy of luxury, my kids are worthy of having the best, and it’s within my reach if I chose NOT TO SETTLE!

-How often do we forfeit meeting people who will have a lasting effect like family because we choose to stay in our comfort zones? We ask God to send us help, friends, and new “family” but we refuse to move to the land that he says he will show us.

-Lastly, I know that not settling gives my kids the opportunity to experience Holy Spirit in more ways than one (the different pools and water streams).

It’s time to move on.....for some of you it’s mental and emotional but for some of you it’s a physical move. LET’S GO!
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