Life is filled with SWIFT transitions.....

Transitions can be really tough in life especially when they catch you off guard. If I’m honest, my husband and I have felt like the last 5 years of our life have been filled with so many unexpected transitions and it’s been really hard to keep up. I was thinking about this the other day and Holy Spirit began to reveal how transition in life is just like what’s called transition during child labor. Let me explain.


When a woman is in labor she hits a phase that’s called transitioning, this is usually when a woman is about 8-9 cm. When a woman is having an unmedicated delivery the sounds that come from her body as each contraction barrels through is different and for some women they begin to internally and even externally regret their decision to have an unmedicated birth. But by this point there’s no time for an epidural, delivery of their child/children is eminent at that point. They’ll soon feel the burning sensation called the ring of fire as pressure intensifies at the vaginal opening from their child’s head coming down and opening even more. But get this, the burning sensation is necessary and temporary. It triggers the body to release more hormones to keep the contractions going so baby can come earth side and hormones that actually numb the area so that when the rest of the baby comes out there’s a lot less pain. Isn’t that AMAZING?! Okay, maybe not to you but we all know the doula in me comes to life when I talk about anything pregnancy or childbirth related. Lol


When I was in labor with Chloe and Caleb my physical response to transitioning was so very different. With Chloe I remember my OB coming to check me and telling the nurses she would come back when she heard different sounds. Prior to having Chloe I did not have the knowledge I just explained above so I didn’t know what she meant but boy did I quickly learn what she meant. Y’all I was literally running from my body up the bed and sounds were coming from me that I had never heard. LOL ( Cordell, tried to harmonize with the sounds and almost got put OUT of the delivery room!). About this time my OB came back, it was time for my girl to come earth side. She actually had to tell me to come back down the bed so I could start pushing. HILARIOUS!


With Caleb it was completely different, I remember lying on my side with my eyes fixed on this one corner in the ceiling. All I could do was breathe and allow my body to do what it was made to do. My doula kept asking me if I was okay and all I could say was “uh huh” (as in yes). She said I looked like a deer caught in headlights. The contractions were coming so hard and fast that I could literally feel every time he got closer to coming out and this time I didn’t even push, he came out on his own. Talk about a crazy experience!


Here’s what was revealed to me, transition in life is a lot like this process, we can’t control it and we can either run from the experience or we can get educated on how to properly handle it and let it come as it may. My responses were different because I knew what to expect and I knew that I was not in control, my body was. When we realize that God is the one who allows, ordains, and controls the transitions in our lives we can learn to relax into them knowing that their very temporary but necessary for the birthing process of life.


I would be lying if I said that there won’t be some painful parts to transitioning but that’s because it’s often difficult to part with the things and people of seasons passed. But let the separation begin and FINISH so you can fully embrace what’s to come.


Transition well my friend. Take each lesson you learn this time with you so that when you transition again, because there will be a next time, you can take each wave with peace knowing it will pass soon.


Happy Transitioning!

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