“Into The Unknown”

Saturday morning as I was brushing my teeth the infamous song “Into The Unknown“ from Frozen 2 was stuck in my head. If your house is anything like mine then that song is on constant repeat thanks to your little ones who are in love with Anna and Elsa LOL.

The line that kept playing in my head was “Don’t you know there’s part of me that loves to go into the unknown?” Did you know that there is a part of us that really does love going into the unknown? Our spirit man is always ready and willing to go into the places that are unknown in the spirit with God. But it’s our flesh that often gets in the way of us allowing ourselves to go on these journeys of faith with God. To most of us walking into a dark space with no apparent plan or path is insane, it’s a deathtrap! But that’s why we need the God kind of faith.

Mark 11:22 TPT says, “Jesus replied, “Let the faith of God be in you!”


‭‭We can never muster up enough faith or even help in our own strength to get us into the places that God has for us. Our flesh will tell us the desires and the plans of God are just entirely too big and guess what it’s right.

On our own we can never see the plans of God  accomplished but with Holy Spirit, the word, and the faith that God has already given us in tow, we can! Only then will we truly begin to see and understand that with man it’s impossible but with God all things are possible according to Matthew 19:26.

Just as holy spirit has been inviting me into unknown places, I invite you to answer the call into the unknown. If you have to close your eyes in the natural! I ask God even now as you read this to open your eyes in the spirit so that you can see that the army around you is greater than the one that is against you! All is well in Jesus name Amen! 

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That song is NOW planted in my head. Lol thanks! However, I can so relate. I struggle with situations I can’t control. I do allow myself to got there eventually, but after hesitation and requests for multiple confirmations. This reminder was needed and beautifully written.

Indigo Manning

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