I’m BACK!!!!

I’m BACK!!!!

It’s been a whole two years since I have written a blog post and I thought I would be nervous to start again but it feels so refreshing to be back in this space. There was a time that I beat myself up about putting this down but I realize, there was so much purpose in me stepping away. Being a mom of four, a wife, a worship leader, daughter, and friend are honestly my priorities and at a certain point in life, I didn’t know how to be those things and an entrepreneur at the same time without feeling guilty. I am not by any means saying that I have it down to a science now, but what I do have is a greater value for the help of Holy Spirit in my life. 


For the last two years He has had me on a journey of discovery with myself and Him that is not describable with words, but I pray is seen in my actions. I share this to say, that as I return to share my stories of discovery, I pray that you also give yourself the same grace and space to discover with Holy Spirit on your own journey. 


While you’re here, I would love for you to stop by my store and check out some of the fruit of my “downtime” with the Lord, my new line “Rooted Apparel”. I pray that as we release these message sweatshirts and tees (in the future) that they will resonate with your soul and help you spread the message of Jesus. 


I’m keeping this one short and sweet, thanks for being here. It means more than you know. Let’s keep GROWING ♥️

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I love this!! Can’t wait to read more!!! ♥️

Rebekah Wallace

Awesome job!! I’m super proud of you!! 👏🏾

Ruthie Watson

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