Approved to be GLUTTONOUS!

I  am sure you’re looking at that title as though I have lost my mind but go with me. We read all through scripture where we are to live modest lives, eating modestly, drinking modestly, and not storing up our treasure on earth but in heaven. But there is a requirement of our Christian lives where we are allowed to be greedy and that is in the place of desire for God. We sing songs like, “I want more of you God” or one of the old songs “ I need more, more, more, Jesus more of you.” But often after we stop singing these songs, we go back to living life with God as if we are to only desire Him modestly too. So we only allow Him to live in certain rooms of hearts while the other rooms are only to be occupied with our own intellect and wisdom. The older I become in Christ the more I realize why He said to become as a child (Matthew 18:3), “them jokas” are GREEDY! (LOL) They want whatever they don’t have, no matter how much they already have, and that desire is intensified by what they see others have. They also have no shame in asking for more.


When you’re an adult you live by the rule of learning to be content with what you have but when Jesus said “give us this day our daily bread”(Matthew 6), he wasn’t just talking about food. There is a portion of God, who is our daily bread, that we are to receive every single day and just as we grow in the natural we are supposed to grow in the spirit too. As you get older you go from needing milk to needing meat, you need MORE. So why do we settle for being “filled up” on Sunday and Wednesday but we don’t require for ourselves what was promised to us? A daily portion of the presence of God.


When the Lord gave the children of Israel manna and quail from heaven He told them not to try to save it (except for prior to the sabbath) and said He would supply them with fresh food daily. When they disobeyed this they woke up the next day to find maggots and rotting food. (See Exodus 16) I am not saying that is what God’s presence and word from the day prior will rot or even feel old, but in a sense we are to consider it that way. Why? Because when we do we open ourselves up to expect, receive, and see the glory of God revealed through His promise to supply us with fresh presence, word, and manifestations daily.


I often wonder if we see that as being ungrateful for what He has done? If so, I am here to tell you that there’s a difference in being ungrateful and having holy discontentment for where you are and have experienced so far. The word tells us that we will do greater things than Jesus and that there are things that our eyes have not seen, our ears have not heard, nor has it even entered into our hearts what He has prepared for us. If there is more of God and His reality that we have not seen, why wouldn’t we keep looking for it? Jesus said to keep on knocking so doors will be opened, keep, on looking so things will be revealed, and to keep asking so we can get the answers. (Matthew 7:7-8)


We are on a life long scavenger hunt but the kicker is that we have the answer key in our hands but refuse to use it. I said all of this to say, I pray we allow the presence of God to renew our desire for Him, that we desire Him in an insatiable way. Because this is the one area where we are allowed to never be satisfied. Our hunger for Him should never be satisfied and He never sees us as greedy in this area, He looks on as a proud Father, ready to give what we He has had prepared for us since before time began.

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This resonates with me so well. I now have a new approach in my study time. Wow! I needed this, right on time. Be gluttonous for Jesus!

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